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Employee Development Program

Recruitment and retention

To put the right person at the right job is our utmost importance. The recruitment policy Attraction-Selection-Retention is used for building the brand image of the company. Retaining talented employees is critically important, and we have recognizes that the best way of earning employee loyalty is by providing them with good and challenging jobs, with opportunities for development and progression, and with competitive compensation and benefits schemes.


As our business continues to evolve, we encourage and enable all our people to develop and grow with it. It is our endeavor to invest in and improve our managerial & technical capabilities through both in-house and external training including overseas training programs. GPIL focuses on providing multifunctional trainings to the employees which includes managerial / behavioral as well as functional training. The training programme is organized/conducted based on training needs identified

Performance Management

The Performance System is designed to enable individuals to effectively manage self and team performance and ensure alignment with GPIL’s vision and business objectives. Performance cycle is the period starting from April 1st of a year to March 31st of subsequent year for every employee. The key performance areas (KPA) are identified at the start of the year and become the parameters on which the performance is reviewed. Mid-year review and appraisals help to know how an employee is faring, build on his/her existing strengths, and improve in identified areas.

Mentoring Scheme

In GPIL , everyone is entitled to receive coaching & mentoring where a more experienced person (the mentor) helps and guides a young and inexperienced person (the mentee) to better his professional life. The mentor is exposed to various coaching and mentoring techniques / resources, workshops, training session which helps Website data

in deriving best out of this relationship. Mentoring goes beyond the normal boss-subordinate relationship as it also involves sharing of professional skills, expertise and experience with the mentee. It also helps in developing interpersonal relationships and knowledge sharing.

Open and continuing dialogue

Clear, honest, two-way communication between management and employees at all levels is intrinsic to the culture of company. Any issues relating to the progress, plans and prospects of the business are discussed openly and with a sense of shared purpose among senior management and employee representatives. Through various communication channels like ED’s box, Ankuran, HR Call Center it has been made easier for the employees to reach management.

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