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Conservation & Consolidation of Energy is the essence of modern Industrialization. Such act is crucial in place to infuse the advent technology in rhythm with the time which brings beaming fervor to healthy present and glowing future.

In an effort to achieve higher productivity and increased energy efficiency, we established our own power division which started operation from 2002 with 30 ton/Hr capacity waste heat recovery boiler based an waste heat rejected from sponge iron kiln. A year later we undertook expansion with 70 ton/hr capacity AFBC boiler utilizing coal fines & coal rejects from sponge iron process as fuel. Again in the year Jan -2006 capacities was further enhanced with installation of 54 ton/hr capacity waste heat recovery boiler based on waste heat rejected from sponge iron kiln increasing generation capacity up to 28 MW. Generation capacity was further enhanced by 25 MW in April-2007 with addition of two waste heat recovery boiler having generation capacity of 51 tom/hr based on waste heat rejected from sponge iron kiln taking the total generation capacity to 53 MW. In Nov-2010 generation capacity was further enhanced by 20 MW with the addition of AFBC boiler having capacity of 100 ton/hr based on purely biomass fuel compulsion taking total present generation capacity up to 73 MW.

Most of the electricity produced is used to meet power requirement of our other subsidiary plant itself however the surplus power is exported to various vendors to supply through power grid. The net result is reduction in electricity demand from the CG state grid which is a part of western regional grid and hence reducing GHG emission. Thus serving the Environment and community as whole.


In a major breakthrough the “We have our first captive power Plant(Capacity 7 MW) become the pioneer in the world to be registered with CDM executive based for entitlement of carbon credits under the Kyoto protocol.”

The fuel gases available at high temp of around 9500C from sponge iron kiln constitute a significant amount of heat energy. With the WHRB a modern technology, we have achieved about 85% recovery of waste heat from fuel gas of sponge iron kiln and utilization of some heat to produce steam. The steam is further utilized for generation of electrical energy. Therefore it’s a boon to have waste heat recovery steam generation system ( WHRSGS).

The Boiler Table is displayed here spells our progressive journey:

S.No. Boiler Name Heat Surface Area
(Sq. Metre)
Fuel / Heat Used Capacity
1 WHRB-1 3148 Waste Heat Gas from Kiln-1 30
2 AFBC-1 2762 Coal 70
3 WHRB-2 4522 Waste Heat Gas from Kiln-2 56
4 WHRB-3 6195 Waste Heat Gas from Kiln-3 51
5 WHRB-4 6195 Waste Heat Gas from Kiln-4 51
6 AFBC-2 3817 Biomass 100
Total 358
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