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Iron Ore Pelletization Plant

Manufacturing high quality pellet with low phosphorous 2.1 MTP from GPIL Siltara, 0.6 MTPA from Ardent Steel Ltd a subsidiary of Godawari Power & Ispat Limited.

A collective genius to deliver innovation solution, tailored to unique needs backed by our proprietary tools, established methodologies and experienced professional aided us into product integration in the field of Iron Ore Pelletization.

We thus pioneered India’s Iron Ore Pelletization plant and now rose to current position of trend setter and market Leader in this segment praised for the best Consistent Quality manufacturing Unit.

Iron Ore Pelletization is an agglomeration process of the disintegrated Iron Ore fines into Iron ore Pellet which is suitable for the utilization of downstream process of Iron Making. The GPIL Process is the Ore ground to the required fineness through wet grinding process mainly by Ball Mills and the slurry is dewatered by pressure filtration to produce the Iron Ore Concentrate.The Iron Ore Concentrate produced is mixed with additives viz., Lime, Dolomite, Coke and Bentonite in suitable proportions to meet the required physical and chemical characteristics of the product produced. The mixed material is subjected to the green balling and further to the Indurating Grate, Kiln-Cooler process where the drying, pre-heating, firing and cooling takes place to complete the entire Induration process.

Our final fired Iron Ore Pellet acquires the best techno commercial and required physico-metallurgical properties for the for Direct Reduction Iron /Blast Furnace for Iron making. We continue to endeavor to be the best Raw Material solution for the DRI / BF segment of Steel Industry with many more innovations in pipeline.

GPIL Pellets Product Specification

Above 18 mm 5% Max
Below 5 mm 5 % Max
Correct size 90 % Min
Cold Crushing Strength (CCS) 250 KG/Pellet (AVG)
Tumbler Index 94.5 Min
Abrasion Index 4.5 Max
Porosity 23.0% Min.
Fe 64.5% Min.
Silica 4.5% Max
Al203 2.0 Max.
Basicity 0.10
Sulphur 0.005 Max
Phosphorus 0.040 Max.

Advantages of GPIL Pellets

  • Increase the Productivity of the Sponge Iron.
  • Less fines generation in the DRI making due to its good physical and metallurgical properties.
  • Consistent DRI & Blast Furnace Operation
  • Good Air permeability due to its uniformity in size
  • Better Quality of the Sponge Iron
  • Reduce Handling Losses
  • Increase the campaign life of the Kiln
  • Reduce Refractory Maintenance job
  • Reduce the overall Production Cost.
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