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Reduction of solid waste generation, collection, utilization & disposal in approved scientific manner is must to avoid ecologic al problems. EMS is committed to safe handling and disposal of Solid Waste generated from process. Some of the plans undertaken by GPIL to effectively control solid waste are as follows:

  • Fly ash is being utilized for brick making, cement manufacturing and filling of low laying areas.
  • Slag generated from SMS is sent to the industry for reprocessing.
  • Char/Dolochar is being utilized in-house for Power generation for captive use.
  • Iron ore fines are being utilized for pelletisation, which further used for sponge iron generation.
  • By product from Rice-mill is being utilized for power generation.
  • Accretion generated from kiln is utilized in SMS unit.
  • Other dust generated from the various units is being utilized in road formation and to fill low laying area, since their Non-hazardous characteristics.
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